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MonkBite is the ideal solution for individuals who crave knowledge, but lack the time to read, as well as for those who do not particularly enjoy reading, but still want to learn and grow.

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Acces service in Telegram, No need to download any App. Access the summaries on-the-go, whenever and wherever you want.

Time Saving

With our concise book summaries, you can quickly and easily get the key takeaways from a book without spending hours reading the entire thing.

Leaning made easy

Our summaries are designed to be easy to read and understand, distilling complex ideas into simple, digestible summaries that you can start applying to your life right away.

Lowest Cost

Our subscription model is designed to offer economical choice.

Susbcription alert

Before expiry of susbcription, we will send you reminder about extension of susbcription.

Connect with people

Connect with like minded people and share your thoughts

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Review by Satisfied Susbcribers

I always wanted to read books but did not have time.

MonkBite has helped me a lot because summaries are really to the point, and brings out the main point very concisely and beautifully.

Plus, there is very helpful quiz on same day And just the very fact of joining this daily exercise in a group helps us a lot in getting this in our discipline in our daily lives.

Gauranga Priya Das Gauranga Priya Das Spiritual Leader

"MonkBite has transformed my reading journey in the most incredible way!".
Every day I am able to read something new, which I plan everyday to read atleast 15min but I don't.

With monk bite, I am able to read daily. It is very useful to read books in whatsapp as a summary.

I am able to re-read when I am free. It is a very useful platform. Thanks.

Dhanush SDhanush SMarketing Expert

Thanks to Monkbite team for your insightful summaries.

Your summaries are concise, well- written, and provide just the right amount of information to get me interested in a book without giving too much away.

I truly appreciate the effort you put into curating these summaries and sharing them. Keep up the great work!

I stopped my kindle subscription after joining to monkbite.

Pala BhaskaraPala BhaskaraEntrepreneur

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