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Elevate your UPSC Mains preparation with our daily answer evaluation and exclusive weekly live sessions. Unlock the secrets to scoring high in the toughest examination. Join a community of driven aspirants on the path to success.


Why to Join PlusMentor IAS?

Daily Answer Evaluation

  • Receive detailed feedback within 24 hours
  • Stay on track with consistent practice
  • Improve your answer-writing skills faster

Expert Evaluators

  • Our team includes experienced UPSC mains evaluators
  • Benefit from their insights and knowledge
  • Understand the examiner's perspective

Weekly Live Sessions

  • Participate in interactive live sessions
  • Learn valuable tips and tricks from experts
  • Get your questions answered in real-time

Community of Achievers

  • Interact with fellow aspirants who have achieved remarkable results.
  • Become part of a dedicated community of UPSC enthusiasts
  • Surround yourself with individuals who have overcome challenges and achieved their UPSC dreams.

How It Works?

Get Daily 2 Questions

Write it & Upload it

 Get Evaluated

Join Live Session

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Daily Answer UPSC Mains Answer Wrtting

Normally ₨2999

999 . 00


Perfect for Daily Practice
  • Daily 1 Question from Previous year paper
  • Daily 1 Question from Current
  • Answer Writting formt
  • Get evaluation in 24 Hours
  • Join Live sessions for mentorship
  • Connect with like minded people


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